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sfi 90 days


Hi, I’m Solomon Greenlee, and I provide people with powerful information and training that has been shown to dramatically increase the chances of developing a successful home business. If you are worried about money, and if you would like to know of a way that could drastically reduce or even eliminate your worries, then, You are in the right place...

You are going to have access to a FREE day by day program where you will perform actions that are going to guarantee YOUR success in 90 days or less!


In order to start and follow the "sfi90days" program, You need to be a member of SFI, click HERE if your are not a member, become one, and start right now!


Before you start your "sfi90days" program, make sure you take a look to our mission, getting started and pledge.

Commit yourself, take action and enjoy!


With the SFI 90 Days Program, YOU will get:


A unique fail proof " System " for your SFI business that includes:


* Step by step daily actions for 90 days to develop your mind & grow your SFI business

* 50 + Success Mind Setting Videos

*130 + Advertising sites were YOU will be specifically instructed on how to effectively advertise

* Over 1,000,000 Advertising Credits

* Done for YOU promotional tools ( Email swipes, text ads, keywords & banners ) just copy & paste!



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This is unbelievable! With this site any of your downline can succeed. You did a great job, especially the 90-day part of it, FULL of GREAT STUFF!! This is not just SFI training, this is LIFE training!

Boris Janevski

Welcome To SFI 90 Days!

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